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When you have a family member or loved one being neglected or abused, Graves Law Office is the place to call in the Decatur, Illinois area. It can be hard to notice nursing home neglect, but there are warning signs that you can look for. Types of abuse can be anything; however, many occur more frequently than others. Bed sores, pressure wounds, sepsis, and choking are all issues that can be traced back to neglect.

Nursing Home Neglect Decatur IL

Dehydrated and malnourished patients are a sign of serious problems in the nursing home. If you notice blocked breathing tubes, incorrect medication, or a lack of supervision, you might have a case for neglect. The elderly can even be victims of sexual abuse, and many times these problems go unreported to the family and doctor.

You should be concerned if you start to notice any of the symptoms of neglect or abuse of your elderly loved one. Some symptoms include sudden weight loss, loss of communication, or unexplained injuries.

Also, bed sores, falling, and emotional distress can be warning signs. These issues can cause serious anxiety for the victims and their families. If you notice any of these things, make sure the nursing home knows who you are.

And, make sure they know you expect more attention paid, and better care given to your loved one. Likewise, be strong and confident, and request that whoever is being victimized be properly treated by the nearest emergency room.

Graves Law Office was founded by Ken Graves, and he is the area expert when it comes to nursing home neglect cases. Issues of neglect and abuse can cause wear and tear on the elderly, and they may not survive to see justice. We also represent the surviving members of their family, to make sure their case gets the attention that it deserves. We offer expert consultations in your unique case, and won’t charge you anything until its conclusion.

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Nursing Home Neglect Decatur IL

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